Work Package 3: a foundation for the future of project PROCHILD

PROCHILD is successfully underway! We are currently working on Work Package 3 which will serve as a foundation for the future of project PROCHILD. The information and data we will receive during this initial research phase will stand thorough evaluation and analysation, the outcome of which will determine the specific actions to be taken in subsequent phases. Work Package 3 includes a variety of mediums from which to report, including internal and external research, literature reviews from diverse sources, and surveys completed by professionals from numerous fields and backgrounds.

At this point in the phase, we are currently mapping existing literature and established good practices which examine early detection and integrated treatment of abused children and adolescents. The next step in this phase will be to publish a report that analyses recent research and literature discussing good practices which aim to detect current cases of child abuse or identify children at risk, provide support and resources to victims of abuse and integrate services and improve communication among professionals in a variety of fields who might interact with children in situations of abuse. The report is thorough in its diversity as it presents examples of good practices from all six PROCHILD partner countries across Europe.

In addition to a report, Work Package 3 incorporates an aforementioned survey to determine the training needs of professionals working with children and families. Each of the six partner countries has distributed a questionnaire which aims to identify the needs in detecting, reporting, and treating children in situations of abuse. Additionally, the questionnaire seeks to find appropriate avenues of communication among professionals dealing with cases of child abuse. In any case of child abuse, many different professionals would become involved in working on behalf of the child’s wellbeing, including but not limited to educators, administrators, health care professionals, law enforcement agents, and child service officials. Communication and cooperation among professionals in these fields becomes imperative in offering victims the services and resources they need. The data from the survey is intended to reveal shortcomings in these areas to be remedied in future phases of the project PROCHILD.

We are very positive about the information we are gathering through these mediums, as we think it will prove instructive and enlightening as we move forward with the project. 

All the reports and results will be published on project’s website during the spring.

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