3rd PROCHILD Partners’ Meeting

On 10 June 2020, the PROCHILD partnership had its third intermediate meeting, which took place online due to COVID-19. Project partners from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (Finland), La Voix de l’Enfant (France), The IARS International Institute (UK), German Institute on Addiction and Prevention
Research, Westfalen Catholic University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Institute of Child Health, Department of Mental Health and Social Welfare (Greece), and the University of Bologna (Italy) were all present at the telco via Google Meet.

The meeting started with an overview of the management work package presented by the project coordinator UNIBO and InEuropa. The partners then moved on to the fourth work package, which aimed
to develop recommendations among the actors involved in the assistance and protection of abused children in accordance with a transferable interdisciplinary intervention model. This work package was presented by the Italian partner, and it included key findings from activities, such as the assessment of minors’ involvement in services, awareness raising materials, focus groups on integration of services and roundtables for shared protocols and recommendations for the integrated model of intervention.

After this, ICH presented the fifth work package and their proposal for the multidisciplinary training of professionals involved in violence against children. During the presentation, the structure and the content of the training modules were agreed with a provisional timeline for delivery. Furthermore, the
evaluation of the training programme was discussed, and it was agreed that each partner would evaluate the effectiveness and the results of the training in terms of how successfully knowledge is
transmitted to participants and how satisfied participants are with different aspects of the training.

The Greek partner also presented ideas for blog posts for children and young people functioning as a help-line, which aims to provide a safe and anonymous space for adolescent victims of mistreatment and

Finally, IARS presented their proposal for the e-learning platform for professionals and university students that will host training materials from the multidisciplinary training developed under the fifth work package. The UK partner proposed an interactive version of the six training modules with optional items to be chosen by partners. Each module will consist of specific sub-modules and the platform is to be enriched with a variety of tests, quizzes, additional resources and accreditation.
IARS then continued to discuss communication and dissemination activities, and shared some very positive statistics on the
project’s visibility.

The next time the partnership will come together will be in Italy.

Download the agenda of the meeting