> Strengthening the integration and interdisciplinarity of the services tackling child abuse/mistreatment by
defining an integrated and shared intervention model, adaptable and transferable into different European contexts and based on best practices and concrete needs assessed.

> Increase of skills of the professionals responsible for protecting child victims and for dealing with legal procedures, improving the interaction among social & medical services, police, lawyers and judicial authority

> Completion of local/national protocols contributing to the creation of an integrated intervention model for early
detection of abuse/mistreatment, reporting and protection of child victims

> Improvement of protection and care systems for child victims through their active involvement in the current
services’ assessment

> Awareness-raising on what is violence, abuse, neglect and what to do to give/receive support, targeted to
families, minors, school staff, social and health professionals, police and judicial authority

> Starting the dialogue for the creation of an Italian epidemiological registry on violence against children that
will enable data analysis and intervention