PROCHILD aims to improve the multidisciplinary intervention models based on WHO’s recommendations of adopting an ecological and integrated vision to reduce risks of fragmented and partial operations. The development of understanding between Social Services, Health Services, Educational Agencies, Police and Judicial Authorities will allow an integrated intervention starting from the detection of abuse/mistreatment to the adoption of protection and support measures. The project aims to achieve a better integration of assistance along with the obligation of protection and prosecution of perpetrators in order to prevent any “iatrogenic” damage caused by improper or omitted reports or any risk of secondary victimisation due to inappropriate or conflicting institutional measures.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

a) Protect fundamental rights of children (art. 19, paragraph 1 – UNCRC) in line with General Comment No.13 (2011) of the UN Committee and the implementation of the 2012/29/EU Directive;

b) Promote early detection and reporting of abuse/mistreatment cases;

c) Adopt a multi-professional model of protection & care of child victims (Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model);

d) Develop integrated and shared protocols among Social and Health Services, Educational Agencies, Police, Judicial Authorities to facilitate cooperation to protect children and define criteria and priorities of the cases that need reporting;

e) Increase the skills of professionals for an early identification of the phenomenon and make them get acquainted with a collaborative and integrated approach to the phenomenon of violence against children;

f) Search for viable and appropriate ways to make victims of violence and their families/caregivers an active part of the assessment and improvement of protection and support services.